Over hair styling, poor diet, hormonal irregularities, certain medical conditions, scalp infections may cause hair loss. Anyone of these causes can interfere with hair growth, weaken the roots, and prevent hair follicle from growing new hair. Biotin and Vitamin C provide all necessary nutrients and support good hair growth. However, supplementation with vitamins is an ideal solution for hair fall.

Natural Vitamin Supplements for Hair loss

Role Biotin and Vitamin C for Hair Loss


Biotin or Vitamin B7 is the part of the Vitamin B family. It is also called Vitamin H. It plays an important role in converting certain nutrients into energy. Insufficient amount of Biotin in the diet leads to hair loss or a scaly itchy scalp. People who consume alcohol excessively also experience hair loss problems. It has been found that eating raw egg white also causes hair loss; this is because egg white contains Avidin, a protein that blocks the absorption of biotin. That’s why to stop the hair fall, people look for Vitamin supplements that contain Biotin.

Let’s see what research studies say about Biotin’s hair loss properties

Keratin is a fundamental protein that acts as a building block for forming hair, skin, and nails. In other words, Biotin helps to improve keratin infrastructure. To determine the effects of Biotin on hair fall, research studies had been carried. A group of women with thinning hair was given with a supplement containing Biotin. After a specific period of time, researchers noticed a significant amount of hair growth in the areas affected by hair loss.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is commonly called ascorbic acid. It is another crucial water-soluble vitamin that accelerates hair growth. This vitamin offers multiple health benefits such as help to strengthen the bones, teeth, and muscles, improve skin elasticity, encourage collagen production, and promote healthy hair growth.

This is How Vitamin C Promotes Hair Growth?

An extra dose of Vitamin C is quite beneficial for hair health. Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants that prevent free radical damage in the body. To metabolize the food into energy, our body keeps producing free radicals which further speed up hair loss. Thereby, this vitamin prevents oxidative stress in the body and reduces hair fall.

Hair Regrow supplements for hair growth

Hair loss is directly linked to Androgens or sex hormones.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a sex hormone that is responsible for immense hair fall. DHT binds to papilla cells of the skin that transport nutrients to the hair follicle. Due to this, papilla cells can’t provide nutrition to hair follicles, which further causes hair loss and reduces hair growth. Conducted research studies have evidence that adequate Vitamin C reduces the formation of DHT, which ultimately promotes hair growth.

Hair Regrow - Natural Vitamin Supplements for Hair loss

If your diet is not able to meet the vitamin needs as per body requirement, then you may want a supplement. Hair Regrow is a natural hair growth supplement that contains the tailored concentration of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 fatty acids. All of these promote healthy hair growth. Vitamins B12, Vitamin B7 and Vitamin C used in formulation help to nourish hair follicles, support hair growth cycle and encourage hair regrowth.